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Air Compressor Filters

At Filtermakers Australia, we stock an extensive range of air compressor filters to suit a range of makes and models, as well as various industrial and commercial applications and processes. Our team has the in-depth product knowledge and industry experience to help you select the best filters for your requirements.

Compressed air is full of a range of particles that contaminate the air stream and can damage equipment and affect process efficiency. These contaminants include particulates, aerosols and vapours. Compressed air is used for a range of industrial and commercial applications including pneumatics, pressure cleaning, air cooling, food and chemical manufacturing and for medical breathing air. And different processes will require different level of air quality. For energy air applications – like pneumatics and pressure cleaning – a high level of air purity may not be essential.

Active air, on the other hand, is used as an active and integral component in more delicate or sensitives processes including the manufacturing of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, semiconductors and electronics and for medical breathing air. In these cases, air purity is essential, as contaminants can affect the manufacturing process and the health of the end user. Using the correct air compressor filter will help to eradicate particles and contaminants and ensure that only pure compressed air reaches its end target. Selecting the right number and type of air filter will make sure that you achieve the quality of air that your equipment or process requires.

At Filtermakers Australia, we manufacture and supply a wide range of filters for industries across Australia. Give us a call on 1300 555 204 and let our friendly team help you find the filter you need.

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