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FMHE High Efficiency H10 & H13 HEPA

At, Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd, with more than 30 years of experience, we focus on providing custom-made filters for extraction and industrial air-conditioning systems. FMHE-Mini-Pleat-HEPAHEPA-filter2

How Does a HEPA Filter Work?

HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) Filter is basically a type of air filter that consists of a network that traps the air inside and protects harmful particles such as smoke, pet dander, dust, etc from entering. These are one of the most efficient filters that are available commercially.

A HEPA filter consists of a network of interlaced fibres that are twisted and turned into a myriad so as to form a fibrous maze. The contaminated particles are removed out in the following ways:

  • Impaction – Large particles usually travel in a straight path, thus, collide with the filter fibre and eventually stick to it.
  • Sieving – The particle gets carried away due to air flow but sticks between two fibres as the particle is larger than the gap.
  • Interception – Medium-sized particles can re-route around the fibres but eventually get stuck to the fibre due to inertia.
  • Diffusion – Small size particles usually move at a faster rate, therefore, easily get stuck to the fibres.

Applications Of Our HEPA Filters

Our FMHE H13 HEPA Filters are classified as Grade 2 H13 to AS1324.1-2001, AS4260-1997 & EN779/ EN1882, and are tested at 99.99% to 0.3 microns. Our FMHE Bio HEPA Filters are classified as H10 to EN1882 and are tested at 95% to 0.3 microns.

  • Our H10 and H13 filters can purify large volumes of air and are used for supply and air-filtration of various ventilation systems that require clean and sterile air.
  • Our filters are used in operating theatres and ICUs (Intensive Care Units) of hospitals
  • They are used in sensitive industrial areas such as pharmaceutical processing, food engineering, precision engineering, cosmetics, etc.
  • Our HEPA filters can handle all toxic substances like heavy metals, asbestos and carcinogenic dust in all industrial applications.
  • They are used in research at laboratories and in the nuclear industry.
  • Our HEPA Filters remove the contaminated toxins such as smoke fumes, fungi and bacteria.

Exclusive Properties of our HEPA Filters

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd High-Efficiency Bio HEPA Filters are constructed from a supported pleat media within a rigid frame. The FMHE Bio HEPA has been designed for use in hospital critical areas, food and pharmaceutical processing, precision manufacturing operations and laboratories, where very high-efficiency filtration of the fine particulate matter is necessary to remove airborne biological

The FMHE HEPA Filters are made from the highest quality ultra-fine glass impregnated pleated fibrous media to provide a superior surface area for size. The impregnated pleated media is designed to the highest quality and can remove contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, smoke, fume and virus bearing droplets.

FMHE H10 Efficiency table:

Our FMHE H10 Bio HEPA Filters are classified as H10 to EN1882, and are tested at 95% to 0.3 micron.

Model Dimension Class Initial Pa
FMHE-BH-H10-595.595.292 595x595x292 H10 (95%@0.3um)

< 175 Pa

FMHE-BH-H10-595.295.292 595x295x292 H10 (95%@0.3um)

< 175 Pa

FMHE-BH-H10-595.595.150 595x595x150 H10 (95%@0.3um) < 200 Pa
FMHE-BH-H10-595.295.150 595x295x150 H10 (95%@0.3um)

< 200 Pa

FMHE H13 Efficiency table:

Our FMHE H13 HEPA Filters are classified as Grade 2 H13 to AS1324.1-2001, AS4260-1997 & EN779/EN1882, and are tested at 99.99% to 0.3 micron.

Model Dimension Class Initial Pa
FMHE-MP-H13-610.610.69 610x610x69mm H13 (99.99%@0.3um)

< 150 Pa

FMHE-MP-H13-610.1220.69 610x1220x69mm H13 (99.99%@0.3um)

< 100 Pa

FMHE-DF-H13-610.305.150 610x305x150mm H13 (99.99%@0.3um)  < 200 Pa
FMHE-DF-H13-610.610.150 610x610x150mm H13 (99.99%@0.3um)

< 200 Pa

FMHE-DF-H13-610.305.292 610x305x292mm H13 (99.99%@0.3um)

<175 Pa

FMHE-DF-H13-610.610.292 610x610x292mm H13 (99.99%@0.3um)

<150 Pa

Pa based on 1.5m/s face velocity.