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Filter Supply Quality that is Guaranted Wide Variety of Products and
Filter supply 1 Quality that is Guaranted Wide Variety of Products and

Filtermakers Efficient Filter Suppliers for Your HVAC System

Clean and sterile air flow is what you want from your air filters and with more than 30 years of experience in filtration – we can help you with all kinds of filter supply services.

Our filter supply services are used by a variety of industrial and commercial application industries such as food processing industries, hospitals, precision engineering industries, nuclear industries and by a variety of laboratories for research.

We know how filters work and how they can be made effective. Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd specialises in the field of filtration and many national and international manufacturing industries trust us for this job.


How We Excel ?

Our Services

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Our Products and Services

At, Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd, we offer a vast range of filter products and services. Whether it is developing R&D projects, expediting for urgent projects or creating an engineering project design, our products will solve all your filtering needs.

Some of the most popular services are:

  • Manufacturing of filters for commercial and industrial sectors that can serve all the applications
  • Customised filter supply to cater individual client requirements
  • Installation, services for all our products and free quotes
  • Expertise in industrial and commercial filter supply and manufacturing
  • Specialisation in food processing, process filtration and various other industrial applications
  • Dust, liquid and air-filtration products for all applications
  • General sewing, repairs, specialty material/ fabric supply and thermometers
  • Dust collector diagnostics and provide written reports

Our Employees Are Our Strength!

We have a team of 70 experts, highly skilled and dedicated to offer you technical and administrative advice within our manufacturing facilities. We have a very friendly staff that is extremely flexible and provides you with the best services available in the industry. They will collaborate with you at your workplace to identify the type of service suitable for you and your industry.

With compliance to OHSE (Occupational Health and Safety Engineering) policies, we ensure that our team treats safety first and adheres to all work specific policies and rules. With our huge experience, be assured that your business will receive all-inclusive services, whether it be repairing, making parts, providing alternative HVAC parts or a wide range of filter supply.

Custom HVAC filters in 2-3 working days!

Do you need custom HVAC filters? We can offer them within 3 days! You can call us at (03) 9908 2000 and discuss your filter supply requirements.

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