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Pleated Bag Cartridges

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd Pleated Bag Cartridges are available in a selection of media and fixing types. Designed for use in most industrial Dust Pleated-Bag-Cartridges-heroCollector models, we have a Filter Media and style to suit just about any application.

Sturdy construction with a choice of sizes to suit standard and non-standard openings, the FMPBC is a custom manufactured Cartridge to suit most applications.

We offer High Performance Polyurethane or Spun Metal ends, Food Grade units, Spun Bonded Polyester Media with an Anti-static option, a range of standard diameters and lengths and many other variations to retro fit just about any suitable dust collector on the market.

Custom made filters can be easily and quickly manufactured if a sample, sizes or detailed drawings can be provided. (Our Factory is Your Factory)

The FMPBC Pleated Bag Cartridge Filters are made from the highest quality premium 100% Polyester Synthetic Media, with antistatic, oleophobic, high temperature and coating options designed to remove and reduce airborne contaminants in the environment.

Pleated Bag Cartridges are a Long Life, High Efficiency and Lower Pressure Differential option to standard Bag filters.

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