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FMHF Holding Frames

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd Filter Holding Frames are available in a wide range of dimensions. Designed for use in most commercial or industrial HVACholding-frames systems, the FMHF Holding Frames come in a wide variety of standard sizes and can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements.

Our robust galvanized or stainless steel holding frames provide a long life filter holding solution for any type of HVAC, Commercial or Industrial application. We can manufacture the frame style and sizes to suit your specific application.

Utilising a choice of clip systems, the FMHF range features closed cell foam type gaskets, which provide a positive seal to prevent particulate bypass of the Filters.

Our FMHF range also includes the Combination Holding Frame. The Combination Holding Frame is a set depth unit with a single clip system that retains both the Primary and Secondary filters with a single set of clips, making the fitting and removal of filters a simple process. (Both Deep Bed and Header style options)

FMHF Most Common Standard Sizes:

Model Dimension
FMHF-610.610.50 610x610x50mm Holding Frame
FMHF-610.305.50 610x305x50mm Holding Frame
FMHF-508.508.50 508x508x50mm Holding Frame
FMHF-610.610.100 610x610x100mm Holding Frame
FMHF-610.305.100 610x305x100mm Holding Frame
FMHF-508.508.100 508x508x100mm Holding Frame
FMHFC-610.610.65 610x610x65mm Combination Frame
FMHFC-610.305.65 610x305x65mm Combination Frame
FMHFC-610.610.110 610x610x110mm Combination Frame
FMHFC-610.305.110 610x305x110mm Combination Frame
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