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FMCB – Cardboard Framed V-Form Panel Filters

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd Cardboard Framed V-Form Panel Filters are constructed from a moisture resistant cardboard. Designed for use in most FMCB-Cardboard-Framed-V-Form-Panel-Filtercommercial or industrial HVAC systems, the FMCB Disposable Cardboard V-Form Panel Filter is a widely used industry standard.

Fully mesh supported high loft media provides a high quality filter with excellent efficiency and dust holding capability.

The FMCB Panels are made from the highest quality, premium 100% polyester synthetic media, which is moisture resistant and designed to remove and reduce airborne contaminants in the HVAC environment. High quality cardboard and media support mesh combine to create a robust filter.

The FMCB filter range is made to the highest standards utilising the highest quality media available.

We stock a wide variety of industry standard sizes and styles for your convenience. Also available at request, Carbon Impregnated Media for Odour Adsorption.

All of our filter media meets or exceeds the current Australian Standards and has been tested in accordance with AS1324.2 and ASHRAE 52.2.

Custom made V-Forms can be easily manufactured if sizes are provided. (Our Factory is Your Factory)

Utilising High Efficiency Media with excellent depth filtration and pleat design, the FMCB range provides High Efficiency Filtration with minimal initial resistance. Some of the standard sizes kept in stock available in varying Efficiencies and Styles:

Model: Dimension: Capacity / Pa
FMCB-G4D45-295.295.45 G4 C/B Disp VF 295x295x45mm 378 l/s @ 52 Pa
FMCB-G4D45-595.295.45 G4 C/B Disp VF 595x295x45mm 472 l/s @ 52 Pa
FMCB-G4D45-595.595.45 G4 C/B Disp VF 595x595x45mm 944 l/sec @ 52 Pa
FMCB-G4D45-395.495.45 G4 C/B Disp VF 395x495x45mm 525 l/sec @ 52 Pa
FMCB-G4D45-495.495.45 G4 C/B Disp VF 495x495x45mm 655 l/sec @ 52 Pa
FMCB-G4D45-622.495.45 G4 C/B Disp VF 622x495x45mm 820 l/sec @ 52 Pa
FMCB-G4D45-749.495.45 G4 C/B Disp VF 749x495x45mm 1025 l/sec @ 52 Pa
FMCB-G4D45-622.395.45 G4 C/B Disp VF 622x395x45mm 655 l/sec @ 52 Pa
FMCB-G4D90-295.295.90 G4 C/B Disp VF 295x295x90mm 378 l/sec @ 47 Pa
FMCB-G4D90-595.295.90 G4 C/B Disp VF 595x295x90mm 472 l/s @ 47 Pa
FMCB-G4D90-595.595.90 G4 C/B Disp VF 595x595x90mm 944 l/sec @ 47 Pa
FMCB-G4D90-395.495.90 G4 C/B Disp VF 395x495x90mm 525 l/sec @ 47 Pa
FMCB-G4D90-495.495.90 G4 C/B Disp VF 495x495x90mm 655 l/sec @ 47 Pa
FMCB-G4D90-622.495.90 G4 C/B Disp VF 622x495x90mm 820 l/sec @ 47 Pa
FMCB-G4D90-749.495.90 G4 C/B Disp VF 749x495x90mm 1025 l/sec @ 47 Pa
FMCB-G4D90-622.395.90 G4 C/B Disp VF 622x395x90mm 655 l/sec @ 47 Pa
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