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FMLS-Lint Screens

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd custom made Lint Screen Filters are available in the range of G2 to G3 ratings. Designed for use in most commercial or industrial HVAC systems, the FMLS is a widely used industry standard.

Sturdy Aluminum construction with a choice of filter media and frame depth, Lint_Screenthe FMLS is a custom manufactured Lint Screen to suit most applications.

The FMLS Lint Screens are made from the highest quality, premium 100% polyester synthetic media, which is moisture resistant and designed to remove and reduce airborne contaminants in the environment.

The FMLS filter range is made to the highest standards at our manufacturing facilities in Kilsyth utilising Australian made media.
All of our filter media meets or exceeds the current Australian Standards and has been tested in accordance with AS1324.2 and ASHRAE 52.2.

Custom made filters can be easily and quickly manufactured if a sample, sizes or detailed drawings can be provided. (Our Factory is Your Factory)

Model: Dimension: Arrestance Capacity / Pa
FMLS-G2W11 G2 11mm Lint Screen G2 (65-80%) 1000 l/s @ 50 Pa
FMLS-G3W11 G3 11mm Lint Screen G3 (80-90%) 1000 l/s @ 52 Pa
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