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Roll media

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd Roll Media is a premium quality 100% Polyester

media designed to remove and reduce airborne contaminants in air handling and sanitisation systems.

The high quality synthetic media, which is moisture resistant, assists in the prevention of microbial growth.

FMRM Media can be used in a wide variety of applications, from deep bed bag filter manufacture, Cut pads, V-Form and Flat panel variations.

Our FMRM Roll Media comes in Efficiency ranges from G2 through to F5.
(More available on request)

Roll Media
Model Dimension Rating Initial Resistance Arrestance/Efficiency
FMRM-G2D10-2100X40-GRN Media Roll G2 2.1x40mx10mm G2 37.6 Pa 70%
FMRM-G3D20-2100X25-BLU Media Roll G3 2.1x25mx20mm G3 17 Pa 86%
FMRM-G4D05-2100X25-WHT Media Roll G4 2.1x50mx5mm G4 25 Pa 92.5%
FMRM-F5D20-2100X25-WHT Media Roll F5 2.1x25mx20mm F5 20Pa 94%

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd FMRM Media is manufactured in Australia. FMRM Media has been tested in accordance with AS1324.2 and ASHRAE 52.2 and conducted on both flat pad and deep bed type configurations, dependent on application and rating. Different configurations and filter to air ratio can alter the performance ratings significantly. Product tolerance +/- 5%.

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