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FMME – Oil / Mist Eliminator

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd Oil and Mist Eliminator Panels are available in mist_eliminator2a selection of sizes and frame designs.

Designed for use in most industrial environments where Oil or Water Mist are present, we have a size and style to suit just about any application.

Sturdy construction with a choice of sizes to suit standard and non-standard openings, the FMME is a custom manufactured panel to suit your exacting requirements.

We offer High Performance Polypropylene media packs in a range of standard and non-standard sizes to fit just about any exhaust or supply air system.

Custom made filters can be easily and quickly manufactured if a sample, sizes or detailed drawings can be provided. (Our Factory is Your Factory)

The FMME Oil / Mist Eliminator Panels are made from the highest quality Synthetic Media, with Galvanised and Stainless Steel Grade options designed to remove and reduce airborne mist in the environment.

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