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Liquid Filter

Liquid Filter - An Easy Solution for All your Filtration Needs

Liquid filters are basically used to clean products or extend their life by removing corrosive materials from the liquids.

They purify contaminated and polluted liquid through a filter medium that refrains the solid particles and allows only clear liquid to pass through it.

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd specialises in liquid filtration and manufactures major products such as pressure vessels and liquid cartridges to suit a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. We design and supply high-quality products and have technical advisors that can assist you with all your queries and provide the best solutions. Our liquid filters have:

  • Good dirt holding capacity
  • Longer life
  • Consistent performance
  • Multiple configurations

We deliver innovative filtration solutions for a variety of applications to enable a cleaner and a more energy efficient world. Our expert team has a wide knowledge of material science and fibre technology needed to produce high-quality liquid filters. We understand the needs of the market and therefore, keep in touch with innovations and technology and implement it in our product manufacturing.

About Filtermakers Pressure Vessel (FMPV)

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd offers a wide range of Pressure vessels, pressure vessel accessories and components for most Industrial applications. The FMPV Pressure Vessel comes in a variety of styles ranging from Bolt Top, Clamp Top to Swing Top, and caters to bag or cartridge applications.

Our housings come in 304 or 316-grade Stainless Steel. There is also a twin chamber unit that can be Sanitary Polished up to 400grit. We also can provide a range of seal types from Buna, Viton or O-ring style to suit most liquids and chemicals.

Our filter housings are expertly manufactured by skilled professionals who ensure ease of use for all our products. Utilising our manufacturing capabilities and our history of customer/supplier relations, we have built a business that is very diverse and flexible.

Filtermakers Liquid Filter Cartridge (FMLFC)

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd offers a wide range of Liquid Cartridge Housings, Cartridges and Components for most Industrial Applications. The FMLFC Housings come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit various industries Liquid Filtration requirements.

Our liquid filter cartridges are used to hold dust, pollutants and other chemical contaminants and can withstand high-differential pressures and offer high-temperature resistance. We provide a wide range of cartridges that suits most liquids and chemicals.

Why Choose Our Liquid Filters?

  • Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing a number of liquid filters, housings, pressure vessels, etc
  • A wide range of liquid filters that can be used for a number of commercial and industrial applications
  • Manufacture the best quality liquid filters that are built to last and the quality can be unsurpassed by our competitors
  • Clean and cost-effective filtration, delivering superior liquid flow-rate performance
  • Perfectly crafted cartridge housings to meet the requirements of any filtration process

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