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FMPV – Pressure Vessels

Model Dimension
FMPV-HOUSING Pressure Vessel Housing
FMPV-BAGS Pressure Vessel Bags
FMLF-CARTRIDGE Liquid Filter Cartridge

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd offer a wide range of Pressure Vessels, Pressure pressure-vessels-heroVessel Accessories and Components for most Industrial Applications.

The FMPV Pressure Vessel comes in a variety of styles from Bolt Top, Clamp Top to Swing Top, and cater for Bag or Cartridge applications.

Housings come in 304 or 316 grade Stainless Steel. There is also a twin chamber unit that can be Sanitary Polished up to 400grit.

We also can provide a range of seal types from Buna, Viton or O-ring style to suit most liquids and chemicals.

Utilising our manufacturing capabilities and our history of customer/supplier relations, we have built a business that is very diverse and flexible.

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