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FMAC – Activated Carbon Cells

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd Activated Carbon Cells are available in a wide FMAC-Activated-Carbon-CellsFMAC-Activated-Carbon-Cellsrange of target specific Activated and Blended Carbons. Designed for use in most commercial or industrial HVAC systems, the FMAC Activated Carbon Cell can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements.

Our robust galvanized or stainless steel frames provide a long life odour and/or chemical adsorbing system. We can manufacture the frame style and cells to suit your specific application.

The selection of the correct carbon is critical to ensure the removal of the target VOC’s, ranging from general odour, chemical fumes and specific airborne chemical removal in hazardous environments.

The FMAC Activated Carbon Cell range is made to the highest standards utilising the best quality Activated Carbon and Carbon Blends. All of our Activated Carbon Cells are available in many varied frame types with both Disposable and Rechargeable applications in mind.

Custom made cells can be easily and quickly manufactured if a sample, or detailed drawings can be provided. (Our Factory is Your Factory)

Testing services are also available to determine the remaining life span of the carbon. Carbon Cell Life span will vary from environment to environment and will depend on the adsorption rates, VOC concentrations and particulates.

Model Dimension Approximate
Carbon Weight

Capacity / Pa.

FMAC-D6-595.295.292 Disp Activated Carbon Cell 13Kg

1000 l/s @ 72 Pa

FMAC-D12-595.595.292 Disp Activated Carbon Cell 6Kg

565 l/s @ 100 Pa

FMAC-RC21-595.295.590 Rechargeable A/Carbon Cell 40Kg

944 l/s @ 110 Pa

FMAC-RC41-595.595.590 Rechargeable A/Carbon Cell 20Kg

565 l/s @ 60 Pa

Performance based on AGC4.8B Granular Activated Carbon at desired weights.

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