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Air / HVAC Components

Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd offer a wide range of Accessories and Air HVAC componentsComponents for HVAC Systems, General Ventilation and Industrial Applications.

Ranging from Filter Retaining Clips, Closed Cell Foam Filter Gaskets, Differential Pressure Monitoring Systems, Gauges, Gauge Mounting Kits, Flexible Connectors, Ducting, Cushion Boxes and even Air Diffusers, Filtermakers can cover just about any requirement you might have.

Utilising our manufacturing capabilities and our history of customer/supplier relations, we have built a business that is very diverse and flexible.

Model Dimension
FMRC-25P 25mm P Type Swivel Clip
FMRC-50P 50mm P Type Swivel Clip
FMRC-75P 75mm P Type Swivel Clip
FMRC-90P 90mm P Type Swivel Clip
FMRC-125P 125mm P Type Swivel Clip
FMRCAS-LW Adjustable position spring clip
FM-GAUGE Differential Pressure Gauge
FM-GAUGE-MK DP Gauge Mounting Kit
FM-CCFG Closed Cell Foam Filter Gasket
FMFLEX Flexible Connector Sleeve
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